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The Cakes

Tmonohe Classic version, the one who made the history of our cake it’s a blend of 5 different dark chocolates, unsweetened cocoa powder and a drop of cream.

Without eggs, butter and flour.

Three simple ingredients for a creamy chocolate fudge cake, with a intense and persistent taste, to eat at room temperature in order to catch the great flavours of the ingredients.

The cake won several International Awards…,

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Coffe Dragée


These are two Arabic coffee Dragées, covered up with dark chocolate.

The first one is a smooth coffee, Lagoa do Morro variety from Brazil.

The second one, stronger, is a Yrgalem variety from Ethiopia.

Both of them won a great award during their first participation at the 2016 International Chocolate Awards.

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Raisin Dragée

A wonderful Raisin Dragée, bitter almond, sea salt and fine milk chocolate.

Our Dragée won for two consecutive years the Silver Medal at the Italian/Mediterranean Competition of the International Chocolate Awards and the Silver Medal at the 2016 World Competition in London.

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Lactose-free Classic Cake – VEGANOK-CERTIFICATED


We created a special recipe, with a similar taste to our Classic Cake, for all those lactose intolerant people and vegan ones.

Only dark chocolate and bitter cocoa powder.

No animals fat (no butter, cream or milk, in order to obtain a lactose-free cake), no flour (gluten-free), no eggs and sugar-free. Soft and voluptuous, with a firm taste and creamy chocolate flavor that involves all the senses.

It is calculated that in southern Europe, 70% of population finds difficulty in digesting lactose and the intolerants suffer even for the low supply of products. That’s why we decided to make all the chocolate ganache lovers happy and satisfied.

We have created a VeganOK certified and lactose-free Pistocchi Cake.

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