The Cakes

Tmonohe Classic version, the one who made the history of our cake it’s a blend of 5 different dark chocolates, unsweetened cocoa powder and a drop of cream.

Without eggs, butter and flour.

Three simple ingredients for a creamy chocolate fudge cake, with a intense and persistent taste, to eat at room temperature in order to catch the great flavours of the ingredients.

The cake won several International Awards…,

The Cubes of our Classic Cake won the Golden Medal at the Italian session of the 2013 International Chocolate Awards.

In 2015 we obtained “Two Stars” during the prestigious London International Contest Great Taste 2015 for the cubes of our classic cake, those are a gluten-free product.

A new success at the London Great Taste 2016, one more “Star” for our Classic Cake!!!

Our Classic Cake Our classic cake has been listed as one of the great excellence selected by The Wine Hunter Awards 2017 GOLD Superior Product Excellence.

International Chocolate Awards 2015 - Silver - Italian-Med - pri

International Chocolate Awards 2015 - Silver - Italian-Med - pri

Excellent when accompanied with some caramelized pears, previously cooked in a pan with red wine, little sugar and spices, a tuft of whipped cream or an almond biscuit.

The Chili Cake was the first variant of the Classic one, obtained by mixing minced chili pepper with chocolate cream during the infusion, filtering it then after a few hours. Taste it with a butter or ginger biscuit, or with a red onion jam of Tropea.

The Chocolate and Black Cherry Cake, with 30% of whole candied black cherries, has been created in autumn 2004. It’s an explosion of freshness, a delicate balancing of sweetness bitter and acidity and still nowadays is our favorite one. Born as a special edition, it is now permanently produced and loved by our special customers. I especially love to combine it with a glass of Banyuls, but you could try to taste any other matches…

The Sicilian Citrus Cake, the new entry of 2005, presented at the Wine Festival in Merano, is a best seller. The wise hands of Corrado Assenza prepare in the laboratory of Caffè Sicilia in Noto the best candied fruits of the whole country. Lemons and oranges are hand-picked, only when they are mature at the right point. Corrado only uses fruit and sugar, nothing else (apart from the love for his work…), and with these two (three) simple ingredients gives us all the scents of his beautiful land. Our chocolate is honored to accompany the small pieces of citrus peels, to absorb the perfumes and to wrap them in a voluptuous and greedy embrace. A good friend of mine finds it perfect to be eaten with some limoncello… who knows if he’s not right…

The Coffee Cake, presented in October 2006 at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, is prepared using  the Sidamo coffee from Carlo Alberto Relli’s Coffee Plant, a 100% Arabic coffee from Ethiopia, with great aromas, a mild and persistent taste and typical citrus and flower marks. The fine minced powder is mixed with chocolate and has an aromatic persistence of over 12 minutes! Combine it with a black coffee cup, such a great taste!

The Pear Cake, 2007 news, is the result of two years of preparation. It was not easy to find a pear that once in chocolate retained its scents and aromas. Michele Mezzasoma, of the Bonci Team, prepares us a semi-candied Italian pear absolutely amazing. A collaboration that brings us back to the beginning of our history since he was involved in the creation of the original recipe. The world is really small, thanks to you, Michele.

The Strawberry Cake, released in 2009, contains over 30% semi-candied strawberries. Slightly softer than the Classic one, with a delicate but exquisite strawberry flavor. Once candied, the fruit is hand-cut and then spread out in the mixture with the candied juice.
You could easily combine it with a fresh strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

The White Chocolate and Orange Cake, after more than two years of tests and adjustments, was finally presented at “Salone del Gusto” in Turin, in 2010. Made with a great white chocolate coming from the Vanuatu archipelago and fragrant small orange peels from Sicily, it will amaze you for its not-excessive sweetness and tasting length. Sprinkled with a thin layer of bitter cocoa powder, it will be the delight of those who love less the dark chocolate.
Try it with a sauce at Grand Marnier… Serve it at ambient temperature (18°C/64°F).

Elisa’s Cake is dedicated to the sweetest and most precious thing we have, the little Elisa (Claudio’s daughter). Elisa is almond-eyed and the cake is the result of three and half years of experimentation and testing.
Like her, a perfect blend between Thailand and Italy, the ingredients are also a union between Asia and Italy. White chocolates, exotic fruits and oriental spices make it less sweet and sourer than you would expect, with Yuzu strengthening citrus fruits, but also lemongrass and ginger as well as orange, pineapple, and a total of 9 different spices. Hard to resist, easy to fall in love with it.

Vegan Cake. After three years of testing and tasting, the Vegan Cake has been made for all of those who cannot or don’t want to consume milk, made up with chocolate, bitter cocoa and water. Intense chocolate taste but naturally cholesterol-free.

scatola rhum

Rhum Martinique and Raisin Cake, a fabulous combination, has immediately made fall in love lots of friends with her enchanting and exciting taste.Our Classic Cake encounters a wonderful raisin, soaked for two weeks in a Martinique Agricultural Rhum.