The Cans

The Cans
Not polished chocolates, but high quality raw chocolate to make a cup of hot chocolate, a cake or to eat for pleasure.
In easy cans to preserve all the aroma or in packs for professional use.

–   White Chocolate Dominican Republic 31%, a great chocolate, with a flavour of vanilla, sweet but not too much.


–   Milk Venezuela Chocolate 43%, a very fine chocolate with a very high percentage of cocoa, all the strength of cocoa with the sweetness of milk.
–   Dark Chocolate Papua New Guinea 64%, a very special chocolate, with an unusual aromatic intensity, with great citrus and vegetable marks.
–   Dark Chocolate Ecuador 71%, a great chocolate, with high intensity cocoa, aromatic and very fragrant, very persistent.
–   Pure Cocoa Chocolate Ecuador 99%, a round and impressive mass, bitter and persistent, with not too high acidity, for great lovers.
–   Powdered Cocoa 22-24, the same we use to make our cakes, brown-red coloured, great aroma, soluble, for all pastry and kitchen use.

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