Over the years some TortaPistocchi® products have received various awards from major national and international organizations and associations.

Since 2013, we have been participating in the International Chocolate Awards, an independent worldwide competition that recognizes the excellence in the production of the finest chocolate and the products made with the finest chocolate.

The Great Taste Awards in London is an award awarded by the English Guild Fine Food to the world’s finest high quality food. Recognition compared to the English Literary Essay Booker Prize.

Born in 1995, The Chocolate Company is a consumer chocolate association that protects its consumption by verifying the quality of chocolate and the work of chocolate artisans.
The “Tavoletta d’Oro” Award, which they set up, was born in order to recognize and reward the best types of Italian chocolate and their best craftsmanship.

WinwHunterAward is the acknowledgment of a great selection made by Helmut Köcher’s “hunter” who, relying on a strong sensitivity, experience, culture and constant refinement of the palate, are always looking for oenological excellence and gastronomic.

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