The Cake


Claudio Pistocchi, the chocolate master, created his first Dark Chocolate Cake in 1990 when he was working as a Chef in Florence.

It’s a handmade chocolate fudge cake that contains no eggs, flour, butter, gluten or sugar added… only extra dark chocolate, unsweetened cocoa powder, without additives or preservatives, almost a ganache.

We love chocolate just as it is: simple, with all its flavour.
Conceptually simple, simply delicious

After few years the Dark Chocolate Cake became “TORTAPISTOCCHI” with the aim of moving away from the first attempts of imitation.
Torta Pistocchi has gone from strength to strength up to become a famous brand in the Italian artisanal chocolate scene.

With our TortaPistocchi Classic cake we won the Italian Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards 2013. The same cake was awarded with 2 stars at the famous London competition Great Taste 2015 for both the cake’s cubes presented and for being a Gluten Free product.

Other great confirmation in 2016 winning one star at the Great Taste 2016.

International Chocolate Awards 2015 - Silver - Italian-Med - pri International Chocolate Awards 2015 - Silver - Italian-Med - pri International Chocolate Awards 2015 - Silver - Italian-Med - pri International Chocolate Awards 2015 - Silver - Italian-Med - pri
 GOLD Italian 2013
Classic Cake
Great Taste Awards 2015
Classic Cake
Great Taste Awards 2015
Classic Cake – Gluten Free
Great Taste Awards 2016
Classic Cake

Since 2005 Claudio and his sister Claudia, put aside the grocery store and focused solely and exclusively on Torta Pistocchi production, in a gluten free factory.
Innovation and product research led to high quality products so as to be ahead of our times and offer flavours that work now and will work in the future.

Over the years, other flavours joined the Classic cake: Chili, Sour cherry, Sicilian Citrus fruits, Yrgalem coffee, Pear, Strawberry and Orange with White Chocolate.

Claudio conceived “TORTA ELISA” when he knew he was expecting a daughter.
An exotic cake like her beauty, sweet, like her almond eyes.
A cake which required three and half years of research, passion and work.
The perfect union between Asia and Italy. White chocolate, rare exotic fruits and oriental spices. A cake that will surprise you for its complexity, its citrus taste and its fragrance; with Yuzu, lemongrass, ginger, orange, ananas and pear for a total of 9 different spices.
Not very sweet but savory and interesting.


scatola rhum

The last arrived is the Rhum and Raisin cake. We add at the classic cake some delicious raisins which were soaked for 2 weeks in a fabulous Martinique Rhum Agricole.

Unique marriage of flavours with a velvety taste.
The only one of our cakes that has to be eaten cold.

The Rhum and Raisin cake won, at its first presentation, a Silver Medal at the Italian/Mediterranean competition of the International Chocolate Awards 2016 and after that he confirm its position winning the silver medal at the World competition.

In 2016 the cake also won One Star at the London International Great Taste Award.

International Chocolate Awards 2015 - Silver - Italian-Med - pri

A Silver Medal was assigned to the cake at the Italian/Mediterranean competition of the International Chocolate Awards 2017.

Highest award from “Compagnia del Cioccolato” who assigned the cake the prestigious award “Gold Bar 2017”.
The Rhum and Raisin cake was also recognise with GOLD as a Superior Excellence Product and the PLATINUM as Select Product by The WineHunter Awards 2017.


Recently we developed a variant of our traditional cake for all those who are lactose intolerant or following a Vegan diet: our VEGAN cake.

We created a very similar recipe of our traditional cake. Only dark chocolate, unsweetened cocoa powder and mineral water. Without animal fat (no butter, no cream, no milk therefore lactose free), no flour (always been gluten free), no eggs and sugar added.
With the strong flavour and the creamy taste of the Chocolate which involves all senses.
Vegan OK certified.

The raw materials research is obsessive, therefore the candied citrus peels come from the best artisan workshop in Sicily, the coffee is the Sidamo quality coffee of  “Piantagioni del Caffè”, an Ethiopian arabica with an extraordinary flavour… the pears are made by “Pasticceria  Bonci” from Montevarchi… and so on.

The “TORTA PISTOCCHI” is made in four sizes, from the single dose of 40 grams to the 250 g dose (5/6 servings), 400 g dose (8/10 servings) and 750 g dose (15/16 servings).

The single dose is perfect for the restaurant business, the cake become an ally of those chefs who want an easy and excellent starting point for creating a great and fast dessert. It just need a dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder and in few seconds the dessert is ready, very simple also to combine with other ingredients and preparations.

The cake has a due date of over 6 months and it may be kept at refrigerated temperature in its vacuum pack.

Enjoy it at room temperature with a dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder.

Don’t make the mistake of not waiting and eat it too cold… it’s worth to wait some minutes in order to taste the product at its best.