Dark chocolate that passion!!!

Who we are

Claudio and Claudia Pistocchi, brother and sister, have been working together in their Florentine laboratory for over 30 years

We make our cakes by hand, one by one, like 30 years ago…
Without using flour, butter, or eggs, and without adding sugar.
Mixing up to seven different types of fine dark chocolates, pure cocoa powder and very little milk cream.
A large soft and creamy chocolate,
perhaps enriched with fragrant fruits or aromatic spices.
We vacuum pack them to ensure they retain all their fragrance and goodness for months.


In addition to our Classic Cake, twelve other wonderful flavors to be discovered


Superb line of very high quality bassinati with milk, white or dark chocolate.

Superb line of chocolates and more with milk, white or dark chocolate.

Our Classic and refined Design Eggs also personalized as well as a sweet line of figures and a collection of basketball for individuals and companies


Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
You can find the famous pistocchi cake here. Very good and melts in your mouth. The shop is stocked with many varieties of chocolates, cremini biscuits, all of their own production. Anyone who passes by here cannot fail to try the pistocchi cake.
Claudia Taiani
Laboratory and sales point of a huge chocolate shop. As soon as you enter you are inebriated by the scent of cocoa and you can buy all their artisanal products. Quality at the highest levels!
Walter Oliva

Our Cakes

We like chocolate like this, simple, with all its characteristic notes clearly present.

Conceptually simple,
simply delicious.

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